Working on Your Charisma will Directly Benefit Your Business


Most leaders are naturally charismatic.  For the rest of us sometimes we need to work on our stage presence in life.  Charisma can influence most facets of your professional work life, including your ability to network effectively and your presentation skills in large crowds.  All this contributes to increased likeability which has a direct impact on your ability to generate new business.  We deal with many clients from all walks of life.  To be able to suit their needs and determine what they need through conversation requires some charisma building.

A huge part of getting people to open up to you is engaging them with an attitude of curiosity.  People love to tell you what they do.  People are much more open to telling you what they love doing as well.  Approaching someone with questions allows people to share their unique experiences without resorting to small talk, icebreakers, or insincere sales scripts.

Always introduce yourself first, don’t wait for anyone to introduce you.  This inspires confidence in those around you and instills your own confidence in the people you are talking to.  Try to remember names the best you can by repeating them to yourself a few times after you’ve made an introduction.  Being able to then introduce them by name to someone else creates a great networking opportunity.

Be sure to maintain eye contact with the people you are talking to.  Be sure to keep track of the amount of eye contact, people don’t like being stared at or ignored.  If you look at them between the eyebrows it can appear the same and reduce some of the pressure.  Keep your conversations upbeat and focused on the positives.  No one wants to hear an endlessly cynical tirade about the profession or a jaded take on a popular business technique.  Intentional positivity inspires other.  Stay present in the conversation and make the recipient feel as if they are the only ones in the room.  Forget your phone until you’re done talking and acknowledge the attention you are giving and receiving as you talk to people.

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