Property Management Solutions for Real Estate Agents

“The market is booming!” Great news for agents. But if you took on some rental properties to manage, when times were tough, and now these properties are a burden to your regular sales efforts, please call us today. We have solutions.

  • Honor your relationships with your clients.
  • Tag the property with your info and refer clients back to you for listing.
  • Pay you a referral (10% of one month’s rent) on all fully leased homes.
  • Solve problems for you and your clients and keep you in the loop.
  • Complete and sign a formal referral agreement with you.
  • Free rent range reports to help you make informed offers on investment properties.
  • Timely rental market data for your clients to use if making a sell vs rent decision.
  • Free, no obligation on-site rental property assessments for your clients.
  • Leasing-only services and full-service leasing and monthly management.
  • Expert tenant showing, screening and selection services.
  • Effective inspection and maintenance programs that protect property values.
  • Rental property portfolios from agents. Over-worked? Stressed? Want out?
  • If you are in over your head, call us, we can help.
  • Problems with tenants, owners, HOAs, leases, documents, repairs?
  • Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your properties.
  • We will take your problem properties and pay you for the privilege.