MREI (Millionaire Real Estate Investor) Series

By Kevin Mackessy

Book 1 Blue Book 2 Blue


MREI 1: Support Network Forms Base for Investing Success

MREI 2: Real Estate Investing Often “Mythunderstood”

MREI 3: Top Real Estate Investors Sharpen Focus to Build Wealth

MREI 4: Think Like an Investor–Not a Consumer–to Build Financial Wealth

MREI 5: Real Estate Proves to be a Most “able” Investment

MREI 6: Are You a Learning-Based Real Estate Investor?

MREI 7: Successful Real Estate Investors Maximize Net Operating Income

MREI 8: Law of Momentum Compounds Real Estate Investing Success

MREI 9: Real Estate Investors, Don’t Hide, the Time to Buy is Now