Are You a Learning-Based Real Estate Investor?

Successful investors never stop learning. No matter how far you’ve come in real estate investing, if you stop learning, your profits will eventually decline as your knowledge base withers on the vine. Successful real estate investors all share a thirst for knowledge that keeps them constantly reading, studying and attending seminars to improve their knowledge.


“I’ve read hundreds of real estate related books,” says Kevin Mackessy, successful real estate investor and Broker/Owner of Blue Olive Properties, a Highlands Ranch based property management and real estate investment company. “I’ve gone to classes all over the country in different cities and market cycles. I learn a little bit more each time I venture out. I never want to feel as though I know everything on the subject of real estate investing. I stay learning based to improve my own investing and to better help the investors I work with to succeed.”


Area investors can also join Mackessy for a free consultation where he will share the investing tips and techniques he has learned over the years in helping many investors through the process of analyzing, selecting, buying, fixing, renting, or selling properties. Mackessy also shares the real estate investing strategies detailed in Gary Keller’s best-selling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. Based on extensive research and interviews with more than 100 millionaire real estate investors, the book reveals the models that successful investors use to create true wealth.

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One interesting real estate book is the┬ábest-seller Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit which outlines the highly acclaimed Five Step Process that professionals use to build profits through buying, fixing and flipping single family houses. In Flip, authors Rick Villani and Clay Davis show readers how to Find, Analyze, Buy, Fix and Sell properties the right way based on proven models. Following systems reduces risk and improves your chance of success. This process works in any market. Buying right is always the key. “Successful flipping doesn’t happen by accident,” Villani says. “You have a formula for success, and if a potential investment doesn’t make the grade, you pass. You wait until you find the right property where the numbers say it will work.”


“You can learn how to use models that can be duplicated by any investor in any market,” Mackessy explains. “Following the advice of successful, proven investors can help you achieve financial wealth. We introduce these strategies in our consultations to help people evolve from consumers into investors. You can learn how to make profitable buy and hold investments in foreclosures, bank owned properties, and even traditional MLS listed homes. We can also advised clients on the right way to buy, fix and flip properties.”


“One main factor that separates successful investors from the rest is the ability to take action.” Mackessy concludes. “Whether that action comes in attending a workshop or meeting, or pulling the trigger on a great investment opportunity, you can’t succeed if you don’t try. Invest in your financial education. Your net worth will thank you.”