Support Network Forms Base for Investing Success

Want to know one of the big secrets in how to become a successful real estate investor?

Build a strong support network. No real estate investor reaches the highest levels without the help of others. All successful investors tap their networks–an intentionally recruited group of people who each play a key role–to add value and increase profits.

Denver area residents are invited to learn out how to build a profitable support network by working with successful real estate investor Kevin Mackessy at Blue Olive Properties, a Highlands Ranch based property management and real estate investment company.

“We show the investor’s support network as a series of three concentric circles,” Mackessy explains. “The outer ring is your service circle which is focused on work and results. These service providers will perform specific functions on a particular property. They are the inspectors, electricians, painters, carpenters and others who are physically involved with the property. With a top flight service circle in place, investors are able to secure volume pricing for repairs and other improvements.”


“The middle ring is your support circle which provides advice and management,” Mackessy says. “These people provide fiduciary services and look out for your interests. These are the professionals such as Realtors, lawyers, accountants, lenders and property managers who will advise you on investments details and ensure smooth transactions.”

“The inner ring holds your most trusted advisors and brings leadership and advocacy to your life,” Mackessy explains. “These are the people who absolutely care about your financial success. The members of your inner circle should have extensive experience and be willing to mentor you. What separates the members of your inner circle from everybody else is not what they do for you professionally, but rather what they will do for you personally.”

Mackessy advises that trial and error is definitely not the way to go in building your network–too expensive. “Calling somebody for help only when you need it is not a viable way to do business,” he explains.”You could be a do-it-yourself investor, at least in the beginning. But as your investing business grows, trying to do everything yourself will become virtually impossible.

“Mackessy advocates the real estate investing strategies detailed in Gary Keller’s best-selling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. Based on extensive research and interviews with millionaire real estate investors, the book reveals the models that successful investors use to create true wealth.

Mackessy shares investing techniques based on the book and his own experience as a successful real estate investor. He also shares his personal support network built up over twelve years to guide others along the path to building true financial wealth through successful real estate investing. Call Mr. Mackessy today for a no-obligation consultation, and get your journey started soon.

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